Passenger Elevators

Passenger Elevators

  • We offer range of Passenger Elevators of a superior quality with dimensional accuracy, reliability, rust resistance and fine finish
  • Provide right size of the elevator based on traffic density and number of floors
  • Features
    • Corrosion proof
    • Durable
Home Hydraulic Elevators

Home /Hydraulic Elevators

  • We provide judiciously selected product from global leader GMV Matini s.p.a of Italy
  • Having conformity with the standards defined by the industry and Govt. norms
  • Features
    • High quality and finish
    • Durable
    • Perfect built
Hopital Elevators

Hospital Elevators

  • Offer specifically designed elevator considering patient in beds need to be transported quickly and smoothly with staff and medical equipment
  • Features
    • Car dimensions to accommodate the bed and medical equipment, with wide-opening doors
    • Accurate leveling for easy entry of wheelchairs, beds and patients especially important for elderly and disabled people
    • Provision of emergency calls for immediate availability during emergency situations
    • Smooth operation to avoid disturbance to travelling patient and rooms nearby.
Panoramic Elevators

Panoramic Elevators

  • Offer an elevator with aesthetically rich design for shopping centers, hotels and transit centers
  • Enhances a building’s trendy design with style and elegance, and offer passengers a memorable moving experience with a magnificent view
  • Features
    • Elegant glass walls
    • Ceilings with stainless steel hairline finishes and smooth spotlights
    • Innovative flooring designs and refined handrails
Car Elevators

Car Elevators

  • Offer safe and cost effective solution to transport automobiles in parking lots, condominiums, car showrooms, garages, workshops etc.
  • Features
    • Better use of building space
    • Equipment is designed for a long life cycle
    • Reliability achieved through a completely integrated system
    • Depending on the application, an MRL can reduce overhead mechanical structural support
Fright Goods Elevators

Freight/Goods Elevators

  • Offers wide range of to carry loads in industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, schools or buildings for the healthcare industry.
  • Features
    • Capacity ranging from 500kg to 9000kg and more
    • High-quality materials features make the elevator a durable
    • Solves complex transport tasks anywhere simply, flexibly, durably, and cost-effectively.
Dumb Waiters

Dumb waiters

  • Offer dumb waiters for Restaurants, Hotels, Banks, Departmental stores, industries and other applications where material is shifted from one level to another
  • Features
    • Flexible, reliable and robust design
    • Precise leveling for easy loading
    • Decoration flexibility
    • Quite operation